Prime & Electronic Brokerage Services

Alaric Securities caters to the needs of the professional traders, prop traders, active day traders and many types of institutions such as high frequency hedge funds, algo funds, asset managers, and trading groups.  In the United States, Alaric works directly with the clearing firms and passes onto the customer the savings of cutting the intermediary.

Every professional trader knows that liquidity and quality of order routing and execution are much more than the size of the commission. Our clients rely on the ability to directly seek and route to deep liquidity venues beyond direct exchanges. We can provide virtually any liquidity route.

Alaric Securities does not trade against clients’ orders and does not sell clients’ order flow

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Advantages Of Our Services

NYSE Direct Floor Routes

Everyone who trades actively especially in the Opening and Closing Auctions of the NYSE knows the value of Floor Broker routing. These routes give you exceptional competitive advantage when placing orders directly with the Market Maker instead of sending them to the exchange.

DVP/DFP– Institutional Clearing and Delivery

We pride ourselves with the best-in-industry ETB availability. Every day we update our ETB and HTB lists and in most cases you can have over 90% of the entire US listed stocks available for immediate short. If a stock is not immediately available, or on the HTB list, a quick email or a phone call to our Stock Loan desk can guarantee you that hard to find stock you want to short. Alaric Securities works with multiple Stock Loan desks across the US and locates are often a click away.

State of the Art Infrastructure

Having servers directly at the NYSE and NASDAQ server farms, guarantees nanoseconds in execution speed. In addition, Alaric Securities maintains servers in Frankfurt, Germany which plug in directly to the Atlantic pipes connecting with New York, guaranteeing fast order submissions from outside the US

Easy-to-Borrow (ETB) & Hard-to-Borrow (HTB) lists

Our exceptional “old-school” Settlement Department and seasoned Back Office is well experienced in handing the complexities of institutional order processing. We offer institutional services for the price of retail access. See below the instruments available for delivery (DVP):
- Listed Equities: US/UK/EU
- Listed Options: US/UK/EU
- OTC Option: US/UK/EU
- Bonds (Corporate & Govies): US/UK/EU>
- ALL worldwide UCITs Funds
- ALL Structured Products & CLN

Trading Platforms

Direct Market Access with full-feature, highly customizable professional trading platforms.

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Alaric Debit Card

Trade and bank with convenience, security and confidentiality at anytime from anywhere.

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