Alaric Debit Card

Your Alaric Debit Card will allow you to trade and bank with convenience and security at anytime from anywhere


Have 24/7 access to your funds from any POS or ATM worldwide. Directly fund your Checking account via incoming wire transfer or connect to your Brokerage account and easily transfer funds to your checking account. It may take up to 24hrs to reflect funding on your account. Review all your transactions online


Your account will be maintained with the oldest and largest bank in Bulgaria, DSK Bank, part of OTP Group.
Funds in your account are protected and insured up to 100,000 euro from counterparty default.


Alaric Debit Card will be issued to your name. When you withdraw funds or make purchases, the transaction will be issued to Alaric Securities and internally booked to your account, thus, keeping your name confidential.

Prime & Electronic Brokerage Services: Direct Floor Routes, fast order execution & risk management tools. Easy-to-Borrow (ETB) & Hard-to-Borrow (HTB) lists. Lightspeed DMA, Sterling Trader. Electronic Trading platforms.

*We offer only USD and EUR denominated accounts and debit cards

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