HAMMER trading platform

Professional Trading Platform
Only $29.95 / month

HAMMER is a professional trading platform that simplifies the trading experience and provides all necessary toolsets for trading stocks, options, FX, and cryptocurrencies.

Powered by Alaric Securities and its leading brokerage services, HAMMER allows traders to trade visually through Hotkeys or directly on charts and DOM with ultra-fast, real-time data and the fastest order execution system.

Key Features:

Real-time Market Monitoring

Create highly customizable watch lists to track stocks and ETFs; powerful charting capabilities with technical indicators; streaming real-time market data with highly optimized latency using any one or several of the supported top-of-book (‘level 1”) or depth-of-book (“level2”) data feeds.

Real-Time Scanning

Customizable real-time scanning using any or all pre-programmed indicators, formula or, or a custom logic. Fully programmable with the option to add alerts.

Powerful Charting

Full-suite technical charts, offering flexibility and full customization. Supporting all chart types, 100+ indicators, alerts and annotations.

Chart Trading

Intuitive and convenient control over positions and new and pending orders – all from the chart. Just drag and drop with the flick of the mouse.

Depth of Market (DOM) Trading

Track the real-time market activity on the DOM price ladder and trade directly on the DOM display. All thanks to our low-latency Level 1 and Level 2 NBBO and Depth feeds.

Separate Index Panel

Expand your tracking control with Separate Index Panels. Set portfolio windows displaying current stock market indexes with a concise layout.

Custom Paintbars

Paintbars allow you to expand your strategies and identify trading opportunities. Paintbars are formula-based indicators placed on a chart and are fully integrated with trigger alerts for better control.

Option Risk Analyzer

Option Risk Analyzer allows you to examine all risks with 10 different analysis graphs before making decisions.

Option Chains

Option Chains allow you to track and monitor the collective options for a symbol, all in one compact window. It provides real-time values with diverse grouping methods and strategies.

Candle Pattern Detection

With build-in analytical recognition software, we take out the hard work of identifying the patterns visually. Use the integrated set of patterns with customizable parameters to suit your trading needs.

Alerts System

With HAMMER’s full-featured Alerts System you can stay on top of the ever-changing market and flow of information. Fully customizable alerts for symbols, portfolios, news and charts.

Market News

With HAMMER’s multi-source, a low-latency news feed, you can follow the market developments from different reputable sources, all in one screen.

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